The Shame and Fear We Sow -Introducing Sergio Ortiz


 [Poem and photo by Sergio Ortiz]


It’s no longer Build the Wall

or Lock Her Up, now it’s Shoot the Bitch

and Hang the Nigger.


Outbursts, newsworthy metaphors,

one more fire under Nowhere Bridge,

a contemptible distraction

to my support of The Water Protectors?


I’m done listening to loudspeakers

announce our descent into hell.  It’s a show

of strength to be a woman,

a successful black man. Why run


through the corridors

of the West Wing cherry-picking slogans

for a lynch mob?


[Please welcome Sergio Ortiz, a Puerto Rican poet and the founding editor of Undertow Tanka Review. He is a two time Pushcart nominee, a four time Best of the Web nominee, and a 2016 Best of the Net nominee. His poems have been published in hundreds Journals and Anthologies. He is currently working on his first full length collection of poems, Elephant Graveyard.]


3 thoughts on “The Shame and Fear We Sow -Introducing Sergio Ortiz

  1. Sergio, welcome. You are a brilliant voice saying all the right things, I am so proud that your voice is representing this collective. This piece cuts to the quick of things, startling, stunning, perfect.


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