I Have To Try

This is Rob. Rob got fucked by the system. Help Rob (please).


I debated for many days as to whether or not I should reach out for help.  I really don’t have a choice, for I don’t have any real options.  So, dear readers, I hope that you will take no offense to my request for your lovingkindness and donations to help me to save money for housing needs.

I’ve heard too many nightmares about Veterans making it through treatment just to end up on the streets after their discharge.  I am so afraid of falling on my face.  I don’t really have any viable options when my treatment ends in March.  So, I decided to take action in the hopes that some of you might have understanding and grace, and perhaps the ability to help out.

Whatever any of you can do, if anything at all, I will be most eternally grateful.  And believe me, my self-esteem is at an all…

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