I’m Confused

An essay about being disliked by everyone, and also being a pretty fucked up, flawed character. This is hilarious and will make you feel better about yourself. (Also, despite what I just said, Rob’s good people)




So the consensus is in:  I am antisocial, am not integrating well into the community, and I am causing a lot of tension within my Treatment Program Community.  In four words:  They Don’t Like Me.  And I mean this is the case with almost all of the 18 guys, sheesh.  The 75 year old in his 60th Program is exempt.  This, after I met with my “treatment” team.  Super…

There is a bi-weekly meeting of the “treatment” team.  In it there is a Psychologist, Group Leader, Psychiatrist, and the Program Director.  And they really want to help.  I met with them today.  As a result of the incident I described earlier, apparently I have exceptionally poor interpersonal relationship skills.  And don’t you know?  I exhibited some of them throughout my “treatment” meeting.

Fuck, and here I was thinking I just wasn’t…

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