I Don’t Care….

Dom The Blogger

I don’t care… cause you don’t care… this shit ain’t fair … the love ain’t there….
But I keep on holding on… even though the love is gone… cause the thought of moving on is scary…
You’re the one i’m supposed to marry… or at least be fuck with till we’re dead
Ain’t that what we said?
How the fuck you gone live without me… how the fuck you gone fuck with out me?
Who am I even kidding? You’d be okay without me.. sorry for making it about me… I just thought you were all bout me… but you’re not…
Sorry for all the questions.. you hate when I ask you questions. When will I learn my damn lesson? Fuck… I did it again…
i’m rambling…
But baby I need fucking answers… baby we beat fucking cancer.. we should be able to beat anything…

I don’t care anymore……

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