Jesus Died for Somebody’s Sins

Mother Mary

the sinners pray to me

asking me to forgive

their transgressions

their sins

as though I am holy

consecrated by the fire

washed clean in the blood

But Jesus and I never

ran in the same crowd

we didn’t pass a bottle of cheap

schnapps while parked in the Catholic  cemetery

shooting the shit in a rusty Chevy Nova

making out under small town stars

I never found god in the cardboard wafer

placed upon my tongue

by priests with too-tight white collars

who looked down on me

called me illegitimate

offspring of a whore

audacious enough

to marry a divorced Presbyterian

their own vices





throwing the first stone

gossiped openly about in the parking lot after Mass

do what I say, not as I do hypocrisy

still ringing in my ears as clearly as the amens

and halleluiahs

Don’t come looking to me

for your absolution

I am no virgin in white

visited by an angel

graced by the god of gods

I was a barefoot wild child

finding the Goddess in the silver light of the moon

the Green Man in the sun-dappled clearings

where I had my first orgasms

fingers dug deep in the earth

ants crawling upon my bare fourteen year old legs

I cannot offer you the grace you seek

only my humanity

my empathy

my deeply flawed soul


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

Christine Ray writes for Brave and Reckless and is a member of Sudden Denouement.  She is also curator at Blood Into Ink and barista at Go Dog Go Cafe.  She is an aspiring badass.

48 thoughts on “Jesus Died for Somebody’s Sins

      1. Your praise has left a whopping smile with me, but don’t try and deflect the adulation here haha! Happy Sunday eve Christine 😌🌷🌷


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