Trust the Process-Timothy Hall


Trust The Process by Timothy Hall, Photo by Stella Panzarella 

When the day looks impossible,

the couch feels comfortable, and sunrays splashing from the bay windows

look uneventful.

Trust the process.

When a conversation with your partner seems daunting

and your feelings eat away at your tongues ability to produce words.

Trust the process.

When depression is the dust that refuses to be swept from the floor

and all you want is freedom from having to clean up the destructive thoughts that fall.

Trust the process.

When song doesn’t sound as beautiful

and melody no longer scales your arms with goose bumps.

Trust the process.

When fear resembles the worn notebook in your book bag,

the rarely opened Evernote app on your phone,

or the twice folded post-it notes dusting your desk that stare, and stare, and hover, and

wait, and tire, and toggle and get misplaced, and are found, and still not touched.

Trust the process.

You are tired and the couch is still warm from the imprint of your back.

The outside taunts you to smile in its direction.

Close your beautiful eyes and feel the heat wash your tired away.

Your feelings matter and your words hold value, use them.

It is impossible for your partner to know

the lining of your mind or heart or hurt.

When the dust settles, you will still be a person. All pumping blood, moving limbs, and

processing mind. Press your quaking hand against the valley of your chest,

the home where your survival lives,

the carrier of your liberation.

Sound waves need not an ear to be heard, nor a piece of skin to scare.

Listen to the silence of your beautiful body

and welcome the music in your story.

Trust the process of your healing.

Trust the process of your hope.

Trust the process of your deliverance.

Trust the process of your mindfulness.

Trust the process of your pen.

Tim Hall is an educator, artist, and entrepreneur, from Detroit, MI, now residing in Boston, MA. He began playing music at the age of 10, and found poetry in college as a way to share his thoughts on paper. Tim Hall draws inspiration from his lived experiences charting the nuances of blackness, masculinity, and the beauties of life. Some of his work can be found in his Spoken Word EP titled Colors Of My Soul, and self-published a book titled Trust The Process, both of which released in 2016.

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