Flat Line- 1Wise-Woman

Your hatred had a heart beat

Separated from your soul

A lifetime ago

Why eternally unknown

Pervasive pulse

Rampant rhythm

Powered by purity

Found in voiceless vulnerability

Negatives burned in my retina

Anchored acrimony

Breaching bloodstream



Tainted tick

Last kiss

Last trick

Vampire bliss

Accrued courage


Stained survivor

Walk under a ladder

Poisoned dagger

Obsolete dreams

Interrupted screams

Trashed chain letter


On edge

Of the thirteenth ledge

Lucky coin

Tossed in a fountain

Ripple effect

The record skips

Nothing lasts forever

A venomous snake

Shedding the skin

You lived in



Flat line

Cleansed chaos

Exorcised evil

Turn around

Black cat

Broken mirror

Resurrected reflection


Raven eyes



(Image from Pinterest)

1Wise-Woman: “I am living, fighting, and thriving with mental illness and chronic disease and a need to express myself. Writing eases some of the weight I carry.” When she isn’t yanking shadowy strands of leathery clumps of unconscious, and tenderly placing them into word documents, she is creating at A Lion Sleeps in the Heart of the Brave.

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