Constant Constantine-Hannah Munroe


[Poem by Hannah Munroe, image from Medea, directed by Michael Thalheimerv]

He roars he barks he bites
Little boys trying to be men
Emotions so big
they only know how to express it
with their fist
Stomp their feet in a fancy suit
And turns to look back, did she like that?
He is constant
Constantly there incessantly follows
obsessively claims me
and the ground I walk upon
I just can’t meet you in the middle
I don’t want to be owned
I don’t want to be yours
Remember that song by Lesley Gore?
I am only mine
And now a refugee too
Landed on another man’s doorstep
Now I’m caught between two men
It’s a nightmare really
How can I express myself
There must be more to this life
than a veil and pure white and flowers
Couldn’t a sister be enough?
But he is constantly there

[Hannah lives in Salem, Massachusetts. She is a writer, performer, dreamer, and lover of all things Stevie Nicks. She writes to heal, she writes to breathe, she writes to awaken. Hannah tries to do six impossible things before breakfast. She thinks there is a little witch in all of us.]

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