Never Going Back to Wonderland- Hannah Munroe

Goodbye to white rabbits
Goodbye to men in masks who tell riddles
I am old now and too tired to try and solve the puzzle
Goodbye to queens who dare to meddle in affairs of the heart –
that is the loneliest game of all
Goodbye to friends in hats, for all the fun we had
Sugar never could mask the bitter taste of friendship
Wake up the voices from above call to me
Wake up! Wake up!
It’s time to leave the dream behind for little girls may be lost in the clouds but I am a lady now
Time has been chasing me down for years
Time is a man you know, of course that which holds me prisoner would be
Wake up!
The tea was drugged, the flowers and the trees and even the mushrooms all poisoned
Kept me complacent kept me happy kept thinking I had found a loving home
But wonderland is not a place for grown ups
I see that now
I got old and saw the forest for the trees
Everyone here is lost
There is no place for me
The flowers used to sing to me everyday now they don’t know what to say
It was fun and games until I needed things
Love for starters, or anything real
Being upside down and spinning around was so fun I loved to feel the blood rush to my head
But I can never come back here again
So goodbye, Wonderland
I lost my heart to you and now the tweedles play dodgeball with it every day

Hannah lives in Salem, Massachusetts. She is a writer, performer, dreamer, and lover of all things Stevie Nicks. She writes to heal, she writes to breathe, she writes to awaken. Hannah tries to do six impossible things before breakfast. She thinks there is a little witch in all of us.

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