It’s Okay- Timothy Hall

It's Okay .JPG

[Poem by Timothy Hall, drawing by Angelica Maria Aguilera]

It’s okay to love,
take a pause on everything
you’ve learned, and listen
in the midst of skepticism.

It’s okay to love.
To allow the
warmth that surrounds
your heart because
of it’s increase in blood
circulation vibrantly pumping
through your body,
naturally reacting to
seeing that persons smile.

It’s okay to smile back,
the authentic you.
The one that prays at night
to meet that person you’ve
dreamt about endlessly.
Your pillow knows your pain,
rocks you to sleep
hoping to resign at
any moment to that
person in your dreams.
It’s okay to dream.

 Tim Hall is an educator, artist, and entrepreneur, from Detroit, MI, now residing in Boston, MA. He began playing music at the age of 10, and found poetry in college as a way to share his thoughts on paper. Tim Hall draws inspiration from his lived experiences charting the nuances of blackness, masculinity, and the beauties of life. Some of his work can be found in his Spoken Word EP titled Colors Of My Soul, and self-published a book titled Trust The Process, both of which released in 2016.

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