The Light- Alethia Green


I wrapped your metal bars around my soul like velvet rope
I called your cage safety and grew around you like a tree around barbed wire
I pulled you tighter and tighter and called it comfort like hot whiskey calming my nerves
my mouth so full of you I couldn’t taste the metal in your kisses
My hands so full of dreams I couldn’t grasp the truth
My weary mind forcing my enslaved heart to beat.

Only one beat at a time. A day was too exhausting to hope for
You smugly hid the key in plain site, knowing I could only see you
I had to rip me apart, twist and tearing into a thousand pieces to escape
You let me, thinking I would bleed out and leave my pain there for you to feed on.
I have put myself together one fractured piece at a time.

I am something new now. Scars mark each fracture.
But you should know, scars are not open wounds, they are tougher for the cuts and tears inflicted.

Where the Salt of my tears used to burn it now taste of survival.
There’s still a hole in the center of me where I let you be a part of me, a dark hole.

I can’t find a light bright enough to pierce the darkness. All are like a small beam shining into the blackness of a moonless night sky.
But my essence bleeds into the hole as glitter filled blood.

One day I will change what used to be dark to glow a soft, but mesmerizing light as a full moon.
Strong enough to turn tides. And make darkness yearn for

The light

I’m 44 and have 3 kids and the proud Nana of 2.
I write from the places in me I don’t easily share and I hope it touches you somewhere you let sleep.
You can read more of my writing and follow me at Twistdbutterfly

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