Torn- Austin M. Ely


I am torn

So very torn

Between the seams

of fate

It seems too late

For me to suture the wounds

I sustained

As I sip this concoction

From a shot glass

As it numbs the pain-


I go far away

In order to tame myself

To become the man

I once was

So I strip the self

For I am to blame

For who I am

I take no regard

Regardless of the cards

Because I never fold

Letting go of the worst

Watching the pain

Wash away first

Is the greatest feeling

The best story

I have ever told

That of a torn soul

Searching for answers

On an endless road


Image courtesy of Pixabay

A poet based out of the city of Wilkes Barre, Northeast Pennsylvania. At the age of 13 he began writing poetry and short stories in a foster home in order to express what he couldn’t. Through the years, now at the age of 21, he has always sought to personally develop his word play as well as inspire those who read his work to perceive themselves through and to the world. He has dubbed himself a “modernai literary” which is a title prescribed by his generation in order to distinguish himself and his writing.

His blog, which can be seen at houses much of his works for any and everyone to read.

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