Seeds-Christine Ray

pinterst 6

They tell me

I am no longer

a bringer of life

since monthly ruby tides

synced to moon rhythms

have ceased

they call me





they do not know

my truth

My womb

my soul

primordial oceans

humming with

single cell organisms

itching to divide


to explode with

fecund creativity

feminine power

waiting taut

to be unleashed

with passion

with fury

recreate this universe

in her image

realign the stars

this is why the world

of men

in the armor of their three piece suits

and patronizing voices

fear the sexuality

of middle age women

orgasmic contractions

of our womb

acid words from our pens

our combined voices

a hail of silver bullets disrupting

the smoke of illusion

shattering the mirrors

of status quo


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved


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