To Wolves- Austin M. Ely


Drawn from the darkness

Only to be thrown To Wolves

In an unforgiving light

As I am ripped to pieces

I come back together

In the blink of an eye


Take a step forward

And I die…

In a pit of pain

A pitiful way to go

When I’m toe to toe

Eye to eye

With the beast

Consider Hammurabi’s Code

An eye for an eye

At least have the decency to numb me first

As a matter of fact

Take both of my eyes

For I have seen too much

In such little time


Image courtesy of Pixabay

A poet based out of the city of Wilkes Barre, Northeast Pennsylvania. At the age of 13 he began writing poetry and short stories in a foster home in order to express what he couldn’t. Through the years, now at the age of 21, he has always sought to personally develop his word play as well as inspire those who read his work to perceive themselves through and to the world. He has dubbed himself a “modernai literary” which is a title prescribed by his generation in order to distinguish himself and his writing.


His blog, which can be seen at houses much of his works for any and everyone to read.

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