Offering- Aakriti Kuntal

Aakriti Offering
Give me swollen hands
Brandished, perforated, silver leek of rum
My mouth is a tangy trench
it yearns for terrible things
Place slender bones
beneath my tongue
Let me study their dents
where the earth burned and the meteor rejoiced
between saliva and epidermal forests
Skin hanging between teeth
truth like octopus on water trees
flesh inside flesh, color flossing cloth jaws
Give me arms, that take worms like love,
that have entered the soil, its bloody wrath, its desolate entirety,
where men sleep forever, no different from lamb peel
rubber veins that have cuddled death and fallen stars,
their mass graves inside stem cells
Give me the parabolic breath of an awakened thumb,
fingers that nibble and immerse in films of milk,
outstretched and clawing, with pink flesh like powder,
where God served judgment too early,
Give me tiny deaths in my mouth,
I will lick them all
as my cheekbones slope like cement sinks
under the weight of dribbling water
Give me the color of falling light
Let me wear it on my face
the absoluteness of truth
prismatic lights, shadows and rim
Let me wear violet to red under this bleeding nose
Maybe then, you can see
The truth

that so aches to be seen

Poem and photograph by Aakriti Kuntal

Aakriti, aged 25, is a poetess from India. She writes because for her it is the most beautiful way to endure life. Aakriti writes for the Writings of Aakriti Kuntal, and her work has been published in 1947 Literary Journal, Duane’s PoeTree blog, Tuck Magazine and Indian Periodical among others. She won the Reuel International Prize 2017 for upcoming poet.

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