Worth Wake Up-Rachel Finch


It’s time to wake up to your own worth.

I’m talking to YOU.

The ones that know the strength of their

Soul is enough to crush the limits our weak

flesh fears.

The ones that have known suffering..

Grief, addiction, heartbreak.

The ones that grew with trauma as an ally

and knew no friend as close to them as

their own hurt.

To the ones that think they are ordinary,

but couldn’t be any farther from it.

To the ones that bend their bones to help

another feel safe in their own skin.

To the ones that fight to survive,

in silence, in solitude.

I see you.

And you are stunning in all that you are.

You don’t see those wings beating behind

your back but you can hear them drumming

to the pace of your heart.

Beat them harder.

I have learnt that people think they are


That they will do anything to hide the

beauty inside them.

Completely oblivious to their radiance.

You are a world all of your own.

Every experience you’ve ever had is an

untold story.

Every lesson you’ve learned could grow


Every flutter of your eyelashes creates

ripples in this Universe and every time

you exhale, you breathe a stardust all of

it’s own into existence.

It might take a lifetime to recover, but

what better way to spend our remaining


Stop looking outside of yourself.

Turn inward.

Face the truth of who you really are

Warrior Soul and RISE.

Rachel is a writer that speaks from her soul, expressing her trauma and strength through her work. She lives with Mental Illness, refusing to let it define her and is mother to four courageous children. In her free time she volunteers to support people through their own experiences of Abuse, Mental Illness and Recovery at Bruised But Not Broken

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