Enigmas-OldePunk/RamJet Poetry

RamJet Poetry


There was, perchance

an enigma wrapped in

the spectre of a smile

she laid at my feet

on that cold Sunday

mellifluous and gaunt

a puzzle or riddle

a rainbow of possibilities

that I could not fathom

for you must understand

she had always been

above me, eluded me

Her keen intellect

kept her a mystery

for one such as I

almost invisible

what I lacked in deduction

I more than made up for

with my emotional insight

I knew it was there, tangible

if only I could grasp her meaning

but a ghost is impermanent

and that moment so temporary.

I am still haunted by that frigid morning

when she laid a wisp of a chance

at my feet and I could not

decipher her intentions.

She later that day flew with the angels

and lay grief in my lap,

never again to look my way….

now I dream…

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