Brave and Reckless Winter Holiday Writing Prompt Challenge*


Christine at Brave and Reckless is hosting a Winter Holiday Writing Prompt Challenge that acknowledges that not everyone celebrates Christmas and that the holidays can be more stressful than joyful at times.  A Winter Holiday writing challenge where you can do you, whatever that means.

*Please forgive Christine for even hinting at Winter Holidays before the American Thanksgiving but she did want to give people adequate time to write and submit

The Guidelines

Writing Prompt- The Winter Holiday Song of Your Choice**

  1. Using a Winter Holiday song of your choice as inspiration, write a 100 to 800 word original, previously unpublished piece.  It can be poetry, prose, short fiction or even essay.  The Winter Holiday song can be used as the title, you can use the phrase intact, or break it up however you want within the written piece.  Christine asks that you include what song inspired your piece and that you include a link to your favorite version.
  2. Pick out an image to go with your submission
  3. Write a brief biography
  4. Send the following to by midnight on Friday, December 15 2017:
    • Your original piece
    • suggested image
    • brief biography including the name you write under
    • link to where you post your writing (blog, Facebook page, Instagram, etc.)
  5. Submissions will be judged by Christine and at least one guest judge.  If you are interested in being a guest judge for this challenge, let me know.
  6. Christine will publish all submissions on Brave and Reckless as long as they are appropriate and you are welcome to reblog to your platform once they have been published on Brave and Reckless first. They will also get a plug on Brave and Reckless‘ Twitter and Facebook pages. All participants are strongly encouraged to reblog the winning submission to their own blog.

Please feel free reblog and post this challenge invitation on social media.

**Christine really means any song that mean the Winter Holidays to you.  Think that all winter holiday music is sexist?  Tell her about it.  How about an essay about whether Baby, It’s Cold Outside is a date rape song or a song about a liberated woman claiming her sexuality?  Or maybe you are a fan of The Waitresses Christmas Wrapping? Have some fun with Dar Williams The Christians and the Pagans or get inspired by Patti Smith’s mind-blowing version of We Three Kings


Image courtesy of Etsy

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