Lotus- Aakriti Kuntal

Aakriti Lotus


these lips, boat-like

inundating rivers

within their pondering girth


this skin, cellophane treasures

collecting color from the

sky’s subservience


hand, mouth, body

Organs shattering in

coalescent proximity

I raise my head

to an uneven sun

Watch its cadenced portions

Clouds ablaze against

the hum of detonation

I raise my body, my skin,

my entire being

My cheeks frosting

like cream

The irregular elongation

of life’s symptoms;

a fat ellipse around

my belly

I raise my departed teeth,

my chiseled naivety,

my tapping feet

I buzz and blink,

my face a periwinkle pink

The forgotten trick of


clawing at my lip

I draw my navel to the mouth

and perch like a lotus

I raise

my body,

my skin,

my entire being

I spill

white like the flashing night

And I never burn

Poem and photograph by Aakriti Kuntal

Aakriti, aged 25, is a poetess from India. She writes because for her it is the most beautiful way to endure life. Aakriti writes for the Writings of Aakriti Kuntal, and her work has been published in 1947 Literary Journal, Duane’s PoeTree blog, Tuck Magazine and Indian Periodical among others. She won the Reuel International Prize 2017 for upcoming poet.

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