Not the Playground-Robin Wright

Not the Playground RW

The inflated, wide- as-a-car sign lying

on the west side of the boulevard reads,

Caution Children Playing. Cars slow then stop,

not for children who play ball or tag but for that sign.

One snag from the rusted metal door of a jalopy

will pop it like a blister. A runner zips past, turns,

jogs in place long enough to read the words, shrugs.

I slow my fast-paced walk so the wind reeling

from my feet won’t ruffle the caution, read the words

again and again, look for children who should be

playing in the street. They’re in the yard behind a fence,

safe, tucked away from anything roaring past.

Robin Wright’s work has appeared in or is forthcoming in Indiana Voice JournalEunoia ReviewPeacock JournalUnbroken Journal(b)OINK zine, Lost River Literary MagazineRat’s Ass Review, and others.Two of her poems were published in the University of Southern Indiana’s 50th anniversary anthology, Time Present, Time Past. She has also co-written two novels with Maryanne Burkhard under the name B. W. Wrighthard, Ghost Orchid and A Needle and a Haystack.

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