Fallen From Grace – Dena Daigle

Dena Daigle on The lithium Chronicles

Nicole Lyons

A couple of weeks ago I shared a poem from my book Hush on my Facebook page and my friend and fellow writer, Dena Daigle of Phoenix Ascended, stumbled onto it and wrote a stunning poem from the inspiration she got from mine and I know you’ll love it as much as I do.

I Have Fallen – Nicole Lyons


Fallen From Grace – Dena Daigle

Sister, I too, have fallen
from the straight-laced confines of worldly grace.
My lips have tasted the poison dripping
down my throat, charring my vocal chords,
ensuring that I never speak
of the deadly disease growing inside of me.
I have felt cold steel piercing my supple flesh
and venom slowly seeping through my veins
in my feeble attempt to numb the agony thriving within.
My still-beating heart has been ripped from my ribcage
and thrown to the hungry wolves that lie
in waiting…

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