To Love Her-Karem Barrett

Karem Barrett beautifully captures what it is like to mother a daughter.

Singing Heart

xmas 2017 Lonon r y k

K. Barratt


To love her is to walk

Over egg shells and rose petals;

Is to embrace shy rainbows in the

Middle of the storm.

To love her is to decipher new

Worlds of pixels and apps and

Fake deaths that draw out laughs.

To love her is to live in wonder

At the witnessing of the beauty that

Is and the beauty that is becoming.

To love her is to bite your lips

Not to say the wrong thing that

Can be echoed at the therapist’s

Chair, twenty years from now.

To love her is like being a scientist

Of life, analysing the way she sees,

She thinks, she reacts, smirking

With pride at her talents and puffing

With frustration when she refuses

To go down the labyrinth and press

The red button you have set up, to

Help her, according to your mighty

Wisdom, grow.

To love her…

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