#MeToo Writing Contest Third Place: Mr. Blog/The Weight of Memory is Fierce

Weight of Memory Melissa Orban

Repack your soul; return it to its birth

Before knowledge descended upon it.


Rebuild it by undoing.


Recreate innocence; before you were

Defiled and destroyed

Taken to pasture and slaughtered.


Slip into rooms once lived

Houses once haunted

Dust floorboards for the flesh of your youth.


Ghost the halls and retrace footfalls

Browse alternate corners

Of which you might have rounded

Leaving all unstained.


Re-rock fossilized cracks and fissures of

Bruises, broken skin, and splintered bones.


Unsmolder ashes, fire them whole again as

Gyroscoping smoke revisits lungs

Unburdening deoxygenated blood

Rebuilding your heart whole.


Again, a newborn

Perfectly patterned

Ebbing and flowing

Concentrically prepared for life.


Your own murmuration of starlings.


Photo credit: Walter Baxter

Mr. Blog sleeps in a bed, has a dog, loves the ocean, the #22, the color blue, and learning new things. She lives in the Midwest area of the United States. Currently working as a lifeguard at the local YMCA, she’s only saved the life of one child. The irony is, now she’s fighting to save her own because her body decided to create cancer cells instead of normal ones. Mr. Blog figures she’s saved herself from her own mind wanting to die twice so defeating some cancer cells that think they’re bad asses should be a piece of cake.

Mr. Blog’s writing can be found at Mr. Blog


2 thoughts on “#MeToo Writing Contest Third Place: Mr. Blog/The Weight of Memory is Fierce

  1. Holy schneikies! I had no idea!!! This is flipping insane. I’m thrilled to be recognized by the literary geniuses at blood into ink. Thank you for this amazing honor!


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