#MeToo Writing Contest Second Place (tie): Devereaux Frazier/Me Too

Devereaux Frazier #MeToo

you say you were conceived

me too

you say you were born

me too

out of your mother’s womb

virgin and true

unblemished by mankind’s atrocities

me too

you say you were raised


and grew up

me too

you say you discovered

me too

you say you learned

me too

you say you found love

untamed, unleashed

heart to heart, eye to eye

spell binding

till the end of time

me too

so similar are we

that you don’t notice the real me

the me underneath the shadow

the me that rests with one hand

on his crotch

and the other

on a noose

the me that takes the brunt

of his failures

with the palm of an iron hand

a grimace

the me that bleeds from both mouth

and soul

silence is a solace

but he breaks it like bones

breathless beauty is the mirage

that is me

you say we all die

each of us to our own grave

that is where we disagree

for with me

each waking breath

is a nail in the coffin of spirit

no savior to be seen

the misery is not a dream

but only I can believe

I am a teen poet and writer from Baltimore, Maryland. I’ve been published eight times on SpillWords, with my piece “Pleadings Against The Preposterous” being nominated for Publication Of the Month of May. I’ve also been published five times on TeenInk, with my story “Less Than Human” being published in the October 2016 edition of their magazine. In addition, Literary Art Review has published three of my poems as well.

You can read more of my writing at  An Aspergian’s Chemical Romance and on Facebook

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