#metoo…-Liz McLeod

Liz McLeod

Liz McLeod Musings on the Day


The news is flooded right now with stories of harassment and assault by men in places of power. I’m one that has never been assaulted, thankfully, but harassment… oh my!

Here’s a part of this whole concept that I haven’t heard discussed much…I remember when I was younger not really knowing how to handle the attention. Initially, since we all want to be noticed and appreciated, a small part of me was flattered. Someone thought I was attractive…

I didn’t have the tools to understand that attraction is supposed to be two-way. Attraction is also supposed to be about the whole person, not just a small waist or nice rack. Attraction is supposed to include the mind…

Sex was not talked about in my family. I was given a book, but that was all. Part of it was the time and culture, part of it was my parents’ discomfort…

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