Tale of the midnight tresses/Shreya Singh


A long time ago,

Scuffling, mumbling through fractions of trenches
She glued herself in a crispy pose
Sounds and rumbles from down the attic stairwell
The barber’s scissors awaited her past the closet door

And in another world, time undated
Unbidden they chased down that daunting lane
I cried to fear for the filthy tale
The ugly truth men wanted to paint

The barber found her aghast and stiff
Wearing smile of pride and thirst for tress
And dragged her down, those wicked steps
To drop her locks into dust and mess

While men I saw now environment me now
Three, now, four shadows in raven coats
Crooked smiles, umlawfully disguised rendezvous
They pounced on me in whiskey scent and haunting sores

A lock now two, till all strands fell,
Little girl herself was left with few
For all the beloved hair she had
Now were sand and salt alike, untrue

They grabbed my breasts, and stole of chastity
With bites and bruises to rot unclothed
No spare, no beg, no prayer unsaid,
Yet the four dark men crawled, cut then smoked.

The little lass saw mother pay him a hefty note
The villianous barber to her wasn’t cold and insane
But she knew more from the attic closet
When he grabbed her tight by her ponytail

And “hush, hush”, Maa said to me
Forget the night that left me scarred
For world might tag me “unworthy, impure”
And men are mem since times untold

Her mother gave her a candy floss, that resembled those fallen curly locks
She wore a scarf, into a daring panache
At the cheval preparinv for the classmates’ mocks.

I too stood watching my cursed reflection,
“Not too long, dear,” said the knife i held
It pierced a slit in my fragile wrist
No sound, no cry, the eyes expelled

The lass at last smiled at herself
Through the mirror that watched me bleed to death
And now through me the little girl escaped the barber
As drop by drop life sipped its last breath

Hi , my name is Shreya & I’m a 19 year old girl , trying to fix a few words here and there, bleeding my love and vain through them. I’m a new bloomer and hopefully trying my luck. I also write blogs. My blogs are based on generic philosophical and psychological topics. I hope you like this and please do check out my blog page The Solivagant Vibe

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