She Paradox. . .-Cyranny

Cyranny she paradox

Oh! The days

and the nights

spent fighting

this inner fight.

She Paradox,


poured into a box

of crystal so thin…

About to burst,

ready to blow…

slaying in a flash

any standing foe

foolish enough to

misjudge her force,

blinded by her deep

sorrow, of course!

But her fears fed

her fire, and her fire

dried her tears, and

the more she suffered

the higher held her shields!

She Paradox,


poured in a box

of crystal so thin…

Not sure yet if the

clock is ticking, or

if the hardening glass

will end up salvaging.

Cyranny is an independant poet/writer hosting what she likes to call a “convenience blog”. Her Cove is the home of her everyday thoughts. Living in Montréal and working in the technical support field, she escapes life’s craziness through writing. From simple life anecdotes to poetry and fantasy, from humor to romance, anything goes in The Cove. Curious? Come in, take a seat and enjoy the French connection!

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