Introducing Ward Clever: Smoke Of Memory


Love like fire
Flicker and fade
Love we made

Blood and wine
Pressed for time
And quiet

Insect singles bar
Applauding their meeting
Chirping their greeting
Lightning and feeling

Nighttime smoke
Flames slowly spark
Holding back the dark

As we stare into the fire
I wonder
For all those wasted years
Was there any reason for us
To stumble towards each other
With all this light
And all this heat
And all this love

All this time
We can’t get back
We can barely remember
We just caught in time
What the fireflies knew
All along

I write heartache and love, melancholy and magic, surrealism and silliness, romance and rage, and that’s the poetry. The prose is sometimes poetry in disguise, and sometimes a story of triumph, or of surreal sarcastic humor, of , or entertainment, or simply something unexpected.  You can read more of my writing at Ward Clever.

16 thoughts on “Introducing Ward Clever: Smoke Of Memory

    1. Lovely to be here. I can’t see the um, calendar thingy, so I just schedule blind. I hope I didn’t step on anyone’s toes.


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