Boudica- Karem Barrett

The Statues Of London

They came like a storm, like black birds

Picking clean my bones,

Breaking, hurting, raping, slashing

Trusts, honours and backs.

They came like a storm

Of red cloaks and red blood,

And forged the lance in my heart:

Out of my tears, out of my hate,

It rose, out the screams of my babes,

My daughters of flowers turned into mud.

They came like a storm,

Flushing the goodness from myself.

And I knelt before the dark goddess

And asked to be made merciless and brave.

No more tears have I shed.

No hesitation has stopped my steps.

I am the queen who will be no slave,

The bringer of the scream,

The painter of the red.

I have become their lighting and their thunder.

The mid-wife of their fears.

I have crushed their spears and howled

The call of war.

I am the lance and I am the sword;

The avenger of chastity turned blood,

Of freedom chained, of broken oaths.


I am she, who teaches terror, to those who brought the storm.

I can’t say I follow any particular tendency or style. I pretty much let my heart sings and copy the notes into the computer, and then play with the sounds and meanings until I feel the poem, idea or musing have taken their own shape and personality. I am originally from Venezuela and have been in the UK for 14 years. I am a writer, poet, blogger, life coach, interfaith-minister, celebrant, language teacher, Domestic Goddess with an edge,  Tarot reader, mother to a girl (light of my eyes), a dog, a Guinea pig and five plants, and wife to the most patient man in the world, who sometimes appears in my poetry. I feel very lucky to be multi-racial: Spanish, Nigerian, Native American, Jewish, Italian, Arabic and Finnish. Somehow I think that influences my eclectic style, which flourishes in almost everything I do, from my writing to my cooking. Like everyone I have had my ups and downs. I have experience domestic violence (first hubby) and ridiculously sweet loving (second hubby). I am immigrant and right now I am witnessing the loss of my country (long story) and yet I have been very much welcomed in the UK and have grown to love it very much. I am bipolar, psychotic, suicidal and suffer from psychosomatic epilepsy, which can make life a challenge at times, and, at others, weirdly fun.

I blog at Singing Heart

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