Roar- Karem Barratt


Roar, oh child, born in the night

Of oppression and bondage.

Roar high, yelling out your pain,

As you wiggle and scar your

Wrists against the heavy chains,

Place upon you because of your gender,

A danger for some, so afraid of your

Greatness that they build boxes to lock

You in in, bend you in, break you in,

Make you small and twisted, half of what

You could be, so they can stand tall

And be no afraid of all you would be,

Had you been born free.

So roar, child, high and might,

And awaken the uncaring and the ignorant

And the fearful and the mad.

Give them no peace, no truce,

No quiet place where they can forget

The abuse of you. Embed yourself in their

Eyes, in their ears, in their mind, your

Roar demanding more than a passing nod,

A breaking of the endless night,

A dawn without chains where you

Are free to choose, to decide,

To fully embody the greatness of

Yourself with all your possibilities.


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