Little Death / Playground — Sarah Doughty

“One day, I will overcome you
and all you put me through.”

Every night, I died a little inside.
It was a reward, you said,
for being a good little girl.
Though you forced it,
it was never sweet like you said.
Those little pieces of me
are lost and all that remains
is demon infested darkness.

And I know my place. My soul lives among the shadows, dances with the moon, and twinkles with the stars in the night sky. This, where my demons live and thrive, is my prison. This, my world of darkness, is my salvation. This, where anything is possible, is my redemption. This is my playground.

One day, I will overcome you
and all you put me through.

© Sarah Doughty

Written in response to the
month-long Sexual Exploitation series
on Domestic Violence.
This week’s subject is rape.

[Sarah Doughty is the tingling wonder-voice behind Heartstring Eulogies. She’s also the author of The Silence Between Moonbeams, her poetry chapbook, and the acclaimed novels and novellas of the Earthen Witch Universe. Good news, they’re all offered for free, right here! To learn more about how awesome Sarah is, check out her website, stalk her on Instagram, and add her on Goodreads.]

5 thoughts on “Little Death / Playground — Sarah Doughty

  1. Sometimes, we have NOWHERE else to go, but deeper, into our minds, and, some of the ugliest monsters reside in our sub and unconscious, lurking there, waiting for us, to discover them…


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