Child Bride- Twistdbutterfly

I sit and stare out the window

watching the wind as it catches the swing and makes it move

as if I am on it

Maybe the ghost of my childhood is

I look like I’m playing dress-up

wearing my mother dress

only for some reason it fits

it’s even constraining not leaving me the air to Cry

I wanted to go to school

Instead I’ll lay in his bed

There the only things I’ll learn my tiny body will dread

I’ll cry for my mother while he tries to make me one

I won’t ask for my father

Because to me they look the same

If marriage means it’s not forced why does the force of his body nearly break mine

The only things he’ll teach me are his grunts while I cry

I still play with baby dolls while my body grows round

I’ll be confused why until I hear her first cry

She looked like my baby dolls,

But demanded so much more

I’m scared and tired

I don’t know what to do

I made a bed of leaves, placed them up high.

Surrounded by so much ugly I knew her beauty would shine.

In fear and confusion I ran away

Confident someone would hear her cries

But knowing if they didn’t

Death is Gentle compared to life

I am a 44-year mom of three and a Nana to two.

I love to write, take pictures and dream.

I blog at Twistdbutterfly


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