Sexual Exploitation — One Pamela Pusumane

I never knew this body would be such a burden

A subject of many tragedies and a let down to the world.

To God. To man. To myself.

I never knew my existence would be a never-ending sacrifice

In between war zones, conflict, inside homes. Isn’t the body at war with itself?

I never knew this body would be a burden.

A body whipped into submission with tongue lashes

As I’m molded into what everyone wants, but never what I want.

How hard is it to be whole in a world on a mission

Of picking you apart and selecting pieces of you but never the whole of you.

I never knew this body would be a burden. An everyday contradiction.

This body has mastered the art of not being enough and has multiplied to please.

To be objectified and put on sale. Sometimes not considered human

Until and unless the blood in my veins flows in rhythm with another beating heart.

Who can own me, the whole of me, and never feel entitled? God already failed at that.

I never knew this body would be such a burden.

I never knew holy books would be chains holding me down.

I didn’t know that in this script, I’m the villain who messes the world for everyone.

It’s safe to say my punishment will be an everyday ritual.

I have seen all monsters in my lifetime, what’s new?

I know every waking day that I will be a continuous apology

An almost. Good enough for the next lover

That breaks into this fragile, weak, invisible body.

I long knew that this body was a pit stop destination

for sex, marriage, fun, and distraction, but never more. I mean, how best do you say exploitation?

© One Pamela Pusumane

Bio: One Pamela Pusumane is a young creative writer an poet from Botswana who is passionate about writing pieces that push the boundaries and get people talking about the things we tend to shy away from in our daily lives. She is currently pursuing her BA(Hon) Social Sciences undergraduate degree at the African Leadership University in Mauritius. You can also find her work on Instagram, Facebook, and Hello Poetry.

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