I used to think sex was about what they wanted

because that’s what my ex boyfriend and howard stern said

and sometimes, on the weekend, they paid for it

or when i was short on rent


I got so completely turned off by it

I stopped being able to have sex

i thought it was sort of empowering

until one of them busted open my head

and then, just like that,

it wasn’t


I tried everything

I shelled out for therapy sessions

lotions, vibrators

practiced elaborate dances

with my hands, played

just the right sort of music

but all with the wrong sort of man

11 thoughts on “Impotence

    1. Dear Bone & Silver, ha ha ha! Love that reply of yours! I know not everyone likes to tip the velvet but those of us who did find that batting for the other side works better, yeah it means freedom from some of these moments and trying to unravel the complexity that is male/female. Sometimes I think it’s as if not more natural to be female/female but mostly I think it’s about finding the ‘right’ person of any gender. Your reply made me smile though so I had to add my ten cents.

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      1. Hee Hee- I’m glad my words made you smile 😘
        And oh how I agree with you completely that it’s SO beyond binaries, or even genders, that elusive ‘soul mate’ or partner (even if it doesn’t mean monogamy or marriage etc etc)- whoever is RIGHT for YOU needs to be such a specific mix- all I can offer is to know yourself well, and be willing to take the risks to be brave & vulnerable in your searching… May Love find you 🙏🏼❤

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