To gentlemen on dance floors everywhere – Kristiana Reed

To gentlemen on dance floors everywhere:

Fuck off.

No, seriously. Please keep

your bump and grind stare

to yourself.

Perhaps I’m not wearing

any underwear

but I didn’t come here to share.

I came here to dance and

drink until I’m silly,

not the ‘liability’ you’ll claim

as your lion’s share – and

try to take.

If you haven’t yet realised

I’m using the term ‘gentlemen’

loosely, because chivalry

is not dead,

you just haven’t learnt it yet;

and I don’t mean door holding

and jacket offering –

No, I mean personal space

for each of my hands,

my ribcage and raging breath.

I mean having conversations

which don’t have forks in the roads,

yet no matter what I choose

in your head, both lead to sex.

I mean dancing on my own

because I decided long ago

this body is good enough for me

and me only,

and even if you ask politely

I’m still not obligated

to give any of it, to you.

Kristiana Reed day dreams, people watches in coffee shops, teaches English and writes. She is a curator on Blood into Ink, a collective member of The Whisper and the Roar & Sudden Denouement, and blogs at My Screaming Twenties. She is 24 and is enjoying the journey which is finding her voice.

24 thoughts on “To gentlemen on dance floors everywhere – Kristiana Reed

  1. Great piece and on point. I experienced the same issue in and after university visiting bars and clubs to dance with my friends. Often I felt, I just want to have fun with my girls and not deal with grabby hands groping or going up my shirt or down. . . It’s demeaning and even though I’m about 9 years from where you are, it still happens if you go to a Pub or a bar for the occasional night to dance or have fun for stagettes or birthdays.
    It’s worse in the US where people seem to club/dance much later into their lives, somewhat due to the later drinking age. But, When men 30 some to 40ish are still doing this stuff if makes you mad b/c some don’t learn. Great post, honest and a memory or experience I believe many women share.

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    1. Thank you so much for commenting and sharing your experience. You’re right about it being demeaning – I almost feel there is still a sense of ownership in some men and it’s about time they realised we, and we only, own our bodies.

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  2. Hell YES! Go girl. I love it that you’re so young and have this attitude- may it serve you well forever- at 52, I still love going dancing with my friends for no reason other than the pleasure of dancing; may you always feel free honey xx G in Australia 🙂

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