A Call for Survivors


Blood into Ink and Whisper and the Roar are looking for survivors to share their stories, hope and light in an interview.

At Blood into Ink and Whisper and the Roar, our curators, collective members and contributors have all opened their hearts and souls to share their stories of survival. Now, we would like to hear from you, our readers, and what makes you a survivor.

I cannot be the only one who watches people walk past and wonder what shaped them, wonder why they get out of bed in the morning and what I could learn from them. When I first joined Blood into Ink and Whisper and the Roar I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to call myself a survivor. In comparison to other members, I had hardly been to hell and back. Yet, I have been shown that ‘survivor’ isn’t a trophy you fight for in a competition, it isn’t bestowed nor taken away, it isn’t a label. It is a mindset. It is the desire to keep enjoying the taste of air and the sound leaves make in the wind. It is the drive to live through midnight and morning. In a simpler sense, if you believe you fought to be where you are today either against another or yourself, you can say you survived and will continue to.

If you would like to be interviewed about your story, please express your interest by emailing the following information to myscreamingtwenties@gmail.com:

  • Your name/pen name or your wish to remain anonymous
  • Why you are interested in being interviewed about your story/being a survivor

Once you have expressed your interest, you will be emailed interview questions to answer.

We look forward to hearing from you.

11 thoughts on “A Call for Survivors

  1. Hello, I would love to be a participant in your interview about surviving. My site name is Beckie’s Mental Mess for a good reason. I’m a recovering alcoholic, who had learned she had mental illness/disorders back in 2015. I survived 2 suicide attempts as well as being homeless. If you’re interested in interviewing me, my e-mail address is (beckie0317@gmail.com) My blog site is: (https://beckiesmentalmess.wordpress.com/)
    Thank you in advance,

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