How Low Can You Go? -Aurora Phoenix

you gather your henchmen

close and closer


whose quals consist

\in whole and part\

of oft-shriveled

deified appendages

and an omnipresent

aptitude for grating



you flaunt

your petulant pedigree

while maggots squirm

on the flyleaf

pearling slime

on the stained

glass aperture

to your fears


I neither sway

nor hold self-same


as I am

thankless workhorse

\inflamed appendix\

held in abeyance


bend my back

with toil and trouble

work nimble fingers

to aching bones.

I break not

dear sir

limbo me not

to the lowest

of your lows

9 thoughts on “How Low Can You Go? -Aurora Phoenix

  1. Dearest Talented Poetess, This poem hit hard on so many levels. I thought immediately of how many times people say; ‘How low can you go?’ and what that inferred (going down on, feeling low, how low can you fall) as well as the gyrate of doing it, and the graphic of the photo (perfect) and how it has a sexual element (esp from the gaze of the male) but can also be innocent fun and how you juxtapose all of that along with almost a classic poetic form. WOW you’re damn clever and I thought this was an excellent example of how bright your mind shines.

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