Something isn’t right here – Candice Louisa Daquin

As a woman, you’re taught

To speak frankly, but not too loud

Consequences for girls are worse

So I learned

To whisper in a roar

And when I cried, I showed nobody

Using the tears as fertilizer

For my wild garden

I am not a person who believes cruel answers anything

why ruin someone just because you can? As a punchline?

once I was called ‘too nice’ and I am often referred to as ‘sweet’

which are probably both gentle character assassinations

I admit it is not so great being a gentle soul, because people admire

bitches, sarcasm, sass, verve (is that still a word?), spite, caustic(ism) and other

signs someone is strong, because if you are cruel

you are seen as hip in this society

even my neighbor likes it when we shoot the shit and she gets that

glassy-eyed affection for tearing people down and asks me all slurred and heady

why I never slag people off for fun

like it’s the equivalent of BBQ and book club

we covet the beast and drown the babe

when did being wicked get so hot?

Vanity Fair? Pride & Prejudice? Beowolf? The Bible?

I would if I could


to an island where

being kind wasn’t seen as boring

compassion wasn’t a character flaw

empathy was the dish du jour

(and you could still have a bloody mary before 4pm

come on, I never ran for saint-hood)

would it get tedious?

I don’t see why

I spend most of my life

plucking the back draft from others snide remarks

out of my fender and wondering when

it became such a thing to be an asshole

so much so we elected Presidents standing for rot

as if we need any more meanness in this world

is it the fall of Rome, Babel, or just the Kardashian?

something isn’t right here and I’d like

to get the fuck out now please


23 thoughts on “Something isn’t right here – Candice Louisa Daquin

  1. You are damn right …being kind and compassionate is being seen as a mark of weakness in the society cause the bitchiness rules. How could be the people be kind to each other and learn the signification of compassionate when the leadership so deeply flawed. yes, please get us out of here.

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    1. I’m so glad you wrote, it may seem weird but I always wanted to be a voice in the feminist movement and for feminists to be my readers, but it’s hard to find them because either they are too judging about what school you went to, what accolades as an academic you have, or they are not visible. I hope the day of feminism isn’t dying as I seem to become more and more devoted to the cause of equality as the rest of the world sweeps it underneath the rug. Thank you for being one who is proud to be out about your feminism and belief in equality. You speak for those who are too afraid or apathetic to and it does make a difference. As for kindness, yes I don’t think it is valued I cannot understand why as I would wish for nothing more.

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      1. But you *are* a voice in the feminist movement! Don’t worry about the judgy types. It seems to be a thing these days to adhere to and spout very specific doctrines and to not allow for differences of opinion or genuine debate. That’s very sad indeed. Kindness and feminism can co-exist.


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