Your bloody daughter – Candice Louisa Daquin

What would you tell her

The you of twenty years ago

Your bloody daughter

Wiped on doctor’s sleeve

What would you say?

Lying there with your legs open and mind shut

Would you tell her about all the false starts?

Or pick a cliché, like time goes so fast

Would you sit by the river eating damp sandwiches

And say only one thing

Don’t forget

Oh please, do not …

Because it runs out

And the music stops

You realize you didn’t find

In squirming crowd and nubile bundle of years

That self-assured hand of worship

Divination and objection

Pulling you out of horror

A soaking crimson thing

Searching for tapestry within wider weave

Throwing runes in fire pits

Eating the marrow of after birth

To discoverment

What would you tell her to look for ?

Learn the meaning before running

Barelegged catching scratches, leaving blood

Weeds pressed at their fragile necks by the thunder of your sprint

Straightening afterward, leaving no trace

Swaying all, in direction of beckoning wind

Tumbling off high rocks

Their granite faces scowling

Disapprobation carved into their carbon

As surely as your little chest heaves with the labor

Of surviving

14 thoughts on “Your bloody daughter – Candice Louisa Daquin

  1. A glorious poem Candice, and what did you say, the question about life itself, my search for answer goes on, except I have found… always look on the bright side of life….. light and humour keeps me sane/saner….


  2. Utterly breaktaking, C…. truly I could write feedback in glorious echos for each poem posted. You are maturing and deepening in the dive in the ocean of truth.


    1. Ah thank you. I think I liked what I wrote about a year ago more than now, and I think I liked what I wrote about 3 years ago more than now, but it is always appreciated and welcomed and valued when someone says they feel I am growing. I would say I have grown and this is the dark side of the moon but who knows? So easy to be subjective and not appreciate what others do in our own work. xo Thank you dear one xo


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