I’ve been told I’m a chronic pain in the ass

after all, it’s easy to destroy a child in an adult’s body

with past-tense words

and now in the time I’m meant to be at my strongest

chronic has visited me and stayed a long while

on a good day I think; This will not be forever

but temporary has always been a long way off

the doctors love to tell us; It’s incurable, get used to

living like this, hostage to something unknown and strange

as if that’s a normal thing to do

but if enough of us live with chronic illness, it will become normal

and that is not a good thing.

Before this …

I took chances, because you think

I’m invulnerable, sometimes I can fly

health, you take for granted

though I truly convinced myself, I had checked the boxes

right weight, exercise, organic, vegetables, no…

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  1. I only ‘discovered’ Whisper & the Roar a short while ago, but the work here strongly resonates with my experiences. I’m chronically ill with ME/CFS. So, I know exactly how it feels to be ‘hostage to something unknown and strange / as if that’s a normal thing to do’. Thank you for sharing!


    1. Thank you so much for writing. I wonder if you submitted to the indie blu(e) anthology on chronic illness? If you did not and you would like to submit a few poems you can send them to me and I will be sure to get them read. My email is candicedlouisa@rocketmail.com – the deadline has passed but it is not too late and I should much appreciate hearing your voice as you are battling with CFS/ME and if you do wish to write a few poems or have a few you’ve written, please send them my way with a short (one paragraph) bio and your name you wish to use and I will ensure they are read. xo TY for reading and I hope you continue to read Whisper and the Roar xo


      1. Thank you for your kind message. I do have a couple of poems on illness, but they are tied up at the moment in the submission process for another anthology. At least one of them has been longlisted, but I don’t know which one! It will probably be a couple of months before I have a definite answer. I’m sure there will be another chance at another time 🙂


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