Update: There is Strength in Our Stories

The Editors of We Will Not Be Silenced owe an apology to everyone who took the time to submit to our April Event, There is Strength in our Stories. We received so many submissions for There is Strength in Our Stories and the upcoming Anthology But You Don’t Look Sick that we literally could not read and respond to all the submissions during the month of April.

We are still deeply committed to publishing the pieces that were accepted and will post them on Blood Into Ink (WordPress), Whisper and the Roar (WordPress), and our WWNBS Facebook page between now and the end of June. Many of the submissions were suburb and have us considering a volume 2 of We Will Not Be Silenced.

Thank you for your patience and good humor as we catch up.

Kindra M. Austin
Candice Louisa Daquin
Rachel Finch
Christine E. Ray

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