Featured Post: The Price of Salt – Candice Louisa Daquin

The King, he didn’t approve
Of willful girls who refused
His games of spite and egotism
Her value of salt became a breaking point
Of banishment and shame piled on top
Had she said … Gold. I love you more than riches and pearls
I value you more than saffron and silk
He may have forgiven her trespass
But salt? So plain and unadorned
Like her as she stood before him, making her case
For some it takes an actuality to contemplate
The true worth
Something she’d always known
When he ate his meal and roared at the cook
What kind of muck do you call this ??
They owned they used, not a pinch of salt
Without taste, lacking all substance
He realized late
The value of her chosen condiment
For gold builds nothing and salt is life
She is gone now and he has only his former ire
The moral of this tale reaches far and wide
When a woman loves a woman
Those places within others she must fight whom
Scorn her worth
Even the price they place, no value when she chose a mate
Sharing her gender
She had no right they said
To disturb the status quo, who wants to know?
About her sordid private life
And one in mock horror made mention of
The innate repulsion, thinking of two women in love
She said
As her salt sister before her
No you have it wrong
It is I who do not care a wit
If you should be uncomfortable in my company
Or seek to demean that which fills me with sea
And the moon as she glazes over, in swoon
For you can all go and stay away
We girls of salt shall determine to stay
Our shadows of brine and ocean deep
Impossible to puncture with ignorant needles
Be you hater or wishing to mock
She of salt shall have the last word
As in the fable when the king discovered
Real love rubs deep, not floating upon shallow surface
He saw his error in assuming worth
Can only be found in the simple cover
Rather than our skins filled with sea water
We beings of salt and fear and love and torment

Read more of Candice Louisa Daquin’s work at The Feathered Sleep and at Whisper and The Roar. You can also follow her Facebook – Candice Louisa Daquin & The Feathered Sleep.

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