Featured Post: Keeping You a Secret – John Collins

I remember the fear
You showed in your eyes
Your expression
You didn’t want to disappoint
Not that you ever could

I was a man out of time
Brought up when men were men
And women were…
Not now; I’ve changed
Fatherhood has saved me

Remembering my little girl
My only daughter
Running with the boys
Holding your own
You made me so proud

I guess I knew then
They had no chance with you
And you never shied away
No bully messed with you
Or any other girl!

And now you’ve opened
To me this day
“Dad, I’m Gay”
Isn’t that what a boy would say?
Don’t be afraid little girl

It is I in the wrong
As I cry, remorsefully
That I caused you fear
In telling me here

Don’t you ever be afraid
The world is cruel but
You are strength young woman
And while I am your haven there’ll be
No need for keeping you a secret

Friends call me JC and I’m a Welsh Poet from the coastal city of Swansea in South Wales. My inspiration has come from many aspects of my life and the beauty of my local surroundings. I also like to add a little imagination for good measure. I am a contributing writer for the blog Free Verse Revolution and you can read more of my work at The Mush from the Hill.

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