Featured Post: Secrets Made for Truths – Ashley Jane

we slip into shelters
far away from prying eyes
a cosmic clash of beautiful madness

we evolve
we move between
we metamorphosis into something
m o r e
something born on the wind
and draped in the wings of nyx
h u s h

doll face darkling
you were never meant to be loved in silence
but there was a satisfaction
in keeping you a secret
my mystery
my melody
my sun kissed twilight
you blend moon into magic
and leave me mesmerized by the stars in your eyes
h u s h

i am adrift on the calm seas of your constellations
the ones drawn into the heavens
just for me to find
while the clouds hide the sun
i hide in you
floating through
the shadows that longer
beneath your skin
h u s h

we strip our souls down to nothing
and let them merge with the night
we build and undo
shatter and fall together again
we excel in the art of drowning,
never dreaming we’d need to come up for air
h u s h

but all secrets fear the light
especially the ones that should’ve never been hidden
i am gasping
found and flickering
consumed by a secret
that should’ve always been
a truth

Ashley Jane is an indie author from Alabama. She has been writing off and on since childhood, but she only started sharing her words a few years ago. She is the co-founder of FallsPoetry prompt, which runs on both Instagram and Twitter. She also co-hosts DarkLines and DrugVerse prompts on Twitter, and she is co-admin of Her Heart Poetry and Our Poetry Journey. She has two books of poetry out: Love, Lies and Lullabies and The Mums are Filled with Melancholy. She enjoys helps other authors pursue their dreams of publishing.

You can read more of Ashley’s writing on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress

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