The Circle of Life – Christine Bolton

It shed its leaves this Autumn
Lightening the load one last time
Weary now from carrying the weight

Limbs already beginning to die
The old tree was ailing
It already knew its fate

The seasons had come and gone
Many a creature had
Inhabited its boughs

Nests of squirrels and birds
A fox’s den at the base
Its leaves shading the cows

This tree had wrapped its branches
Around heartache and happiness
Providing comfort to those in need

Placating the broken hearted
And sheltering some from the rain
It was one hundred nights of hero, indeed

Soon the tree was pulled down
And the birds lamented over its dead body
New homes now to be found

A loss taking years to replace
A death not easily forgotten
As the old tree gives back to the ground

Christine Bolton – Poetry for Healing ©

You can read more of Christine Bolton’s writing at Poetry For Healing: Words from the Heart

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