Deconstructing “Romeo and Juliet” part 2 – Saarah Choudhury

“In the opening scene, Gregory and Sampson, from Juliet’s household, discuss their hatred of the Montegues (Romeo’s household).
Sampson declares he will rape all the virgin girls of the “enemy camp” because they are so weak.
This is all talk, but as we see throughout the play, most characters (other than Romeo, Juliet and their supporters) proudly perform acts of violence.
If you’re defined by gratuitous violence in public, then you don’t suddenly stop being violent behind closed doors.
Yet, as ever, we just want to watch the play and simultaneously victimise, and blame, Romeo and Juliet, as though they were responsible for the chaos, instead of being by-products of it. . .”

Poet. World traveller. Moved from England to Cambodia. Might stay there. Not sure.

You can read more of Saarah’s writing at eastwest_nomad 

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