That Rib-Stephen Fuller

Steve Fuller That RibIf I took you up on that deal with God,
What would we discover at the top of that hill?
Would it be tall enough for me to understand?
I will agree to run, but cannot promise to keep up.

If I took you up on that deal with God,
What would I find on the other side of that hill?
Would my skin be sensitive enough to feel what you feel?
Running beside you, distracted, I cup my hands in salty water.

What deal did God make with you for that Rib?
Salt streams, at times tears, other times glowing red
In moonlight. I try to find footing in myths
That undermine views of visions too serene to reveal.

I do not want that rib back, but I want to share
The pain sculpted around it. Images projected black.
Blue perfection expected. Thrown away scraps when done.
Bruised art. Rotting in the woods. What in Hell is this deal?

I will take you up on that Deal, God. Take me.
Slaughter my flesh. Filet my heart. Suffering
At the top of that hill, toss me off the cliff
To take away all that should not have ever been.

Art: Eve by Anna Lea Merritt, 1885


You can read more of Stephen Fuller’s work at Stephen Fuller Poetry

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