White Noise- Sabrina Escorcio

White Noise


I flounder in your existence
as you watch me like television.
I have become white noise
filling empty spaces
between your certainty
and my delusion.

I live here, with you
drifting through days;
An unquenchable wind
floating across desert sand
yearning for home.

Shared conversations
on the telephone,
morsels of truth spill
into crossed copper lines.

Resentment suspends
within the dead air of a
silent gaping mouth jury.

A sentence clear as mud,
keep the peace
lest we be judged.

She grew up with a love for nature, the dramatic arts, music, as well as books and literature. After years of journaling Sabrina came to know poetry, as an adult this became an avenue of self-expression during a time of personal strife.

This hunger for poetry was insatiable, leading her to scour second hand book stores for more inspiration. There she found classic authors such as Percy Shelley, Tennyson, and Sylvia Plath, as well as many obscure poets; She began to transform her journaling into the realm of confessional poetry.

One of her favourite pieces is titled “Dark Pines Under Water” written by the Canadian poet Gwendolyn Mac Ewen. Sabrina hopes to feature her poetry in print one day, she can be found on Tumblr at MyCrumpledNotebook, as well as Instagram as una_zingara.

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